Turn Your Launches Into Your Marketing Team's Secret Weapon
 In this course I'm going to teach you my framework for planning, setting the right goals and getting your team rallied behind your launches every time you go-to-market (even if that’s once a month).

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Daniel J. Murphy 
Creator of The Product Launch Masterclass
"I've managed 60+ product launches. I took everything I learned and built a framework that you can learn in 78 minutes but use for the rest of your career.
The Product Launch Masterclass is an 8-part, 78 minute training course that includes templates, a 20 minute detailed launch teardown of Basecamp's HEY.com product launch and The 6 Product Launch Secrets I'd Never Give Away For Free
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"Daniel's session at the Product Marketing Festival was voted #1 best session by attendees. He's one of today's top minds on product launches."
Richard King,
Founder, Product Marketing Alliance
"Every product marketer needs to take this course. Implementing this framework is not just how you get results, but how you'll get promoted."
Darren Henry
VP of Marketing, OpsGenie
"There is so much that goes into a successful product launch, and Daniel methodically breaks it down into actionable frameworks and attainable goals."
Patrick Cuttica
Director of Product Marketing, 
Sprout Social
This is the course I've wanted to make for years...
Because product launches are complicated and you NEED a framework to get consistent results. 
You spend SO MUCH time in product marketing working on launches. 

Organizing, write positioning, setting goals and most of all: wrangling people on your team to do their part.

You do all this, and yet...after your launch you’re not always clear on the impact. Your management team wants an update. You know you worked really hard on the launch, but how do you present ROI?

That’s why I made this course. 

In my 7+ years in startup marketing I’ve managed over 60 product launches. Everything from small customer announcements to launching brand new products on stage in front of five thousand people. 

So I’ve developed a framework for how to go-to-market. Whether it be a new feature, a solution or a completely new product, I use this framework to save myself the stress AND focus on the right launch goals.  

In this course, I’ll teach you my framework. You’ll learn how to plan your launch, set appropriate goals, get your team rallied behind the launch and how to do this every time you go-to-market (even if that’s once a month).

Because here’s the thing about launches that no one else is talking about: when managed correctly, they can help you hit your company's strategic goals this year. No matter what stage of growth your startup is in, I’m going to teach you how to implement this framework so you can grow your business. 

- Daniel 

When you purchase this course today, you will get:

  • Access to the complete video course: 8 chapters, and over 78 minutes of product launch training
  • FREE copy of The Product Launch System CHEATSHEET: The one pager you need to organize your next launch
  • My Product Launch Plan Template: The template you can copy and paste to guarantee your team is aligned for your next launch
  • ​Access to my HEY.com product launch teardown: Breaking down why this was one of the best launches of the year and what YOU can steal for your next launch
  • [NEW] The 6 Product Launch Secrets I'd Never Give Away For Free: Okay, you do want a few launch tactics, huh? I share my top 6 secrets in this course as well. 

You're not going to find another course that reaches you this much about product launches for less than $495.

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